Welcome to the "NEW" Raleigh Ron's Classics! Many of you already know me, but for those who do not I am "Raleigh Ron" I have an ebay store where I sell thousands of vintage bicycles & parts all over the world. I have been on the internet for years & hope to be for years to come!

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My story goes something like this...

I was born in 1972 in a small Midwestern town. This was a time before cell phones, Cable TV and Internet. News was slow to travel, and in many cases we live 10 years behind the rest of the world. 60's Muscle Cars lined the streets, kids riding hand me down bikes and jumping ramps from sun up till sun down!

I learned to ride on a Western Flyer Buzz Bike in my grandmother circle drive. My aunt held my sissy bar and told me to not look back and she would not let go. When I made it half way round the circle drive I saw my aunt on the other side still standing I freaked and wiped out! However I was hooked from that moment on! I did not know it but I was now a free man. This was my wheels! My first taste of Freedom!

Throughout the 70's I grew up on Vanishing Point, Dirty Mary & Crazy Larry, Smokey & the Bandit, Dukes of Hazzard and Evel Knievel! What a combo! These movies fueled our stunt riding! The ramps become higher. The fun too! We had broken a lot of frames of all brands, and bend many wheels! It become part of the day to hunt down old wheels and learn to change them ourselves. Soon I had cousins and friends asking me to repair their bikes. I usually had a pile of parts sitting around and loved to trade stuff. I got pretty handy with a screw driver, pliers, a crescent wrench and my dads old mining tape with the numbers or letters all over it. lol

In the early 80's we began moving around due to Family matters. Usually not moving far from my Hometown until about 1984(ish) we moved to central Illinois. It was then that I really first noticed a BMX bike. A friend had a Diamond Back in chrome and it blew my mind! Another had a GT Performer and it was a work of art at the time. 13 these are the bikes I really wanted the most. However mom decided I was too tall and needed a Huffy Omni 10 speed. I really treated that bike rough and it was short lived. I built a shade tree Freestyle bike out of throw away parts I found at buddies houses and in the junk. I painted it and added mags and it was as close as I got to having a bike like everyone else at the time. We had a lot of good times on those bikes, and were dare devils in those days!

Soon I was driving and met a girl and put bicycle behind me! So I thought! In the early 90's I was starting my family and my brother and I worked at Pizza Hut...drove an old beat 1967 Mustang and lived from check to check! I started getting into the Lowrider scene with my younger brother. We would build them and sell them in front of my house back then. One day we were building a super nice 1969 Sears Spyder and I blurted out "I almost hate to ruin this one" That day I realized I truly respect the originals as they came in the 60's. The next day i put an add in the Trader looking for Banana seat bikes and got a call within days. The guy had a orange bike with a chrome fork, smaller front wheel with a drum in it, and a Schwinn badge! He was asking $150 but was about 3-4 hours away from me. It was also winter time and snowing. Another obstacle was I only had the rent money. So I did the right thing and made a $125 offer and drove to get the bike! lmao This was when the collector in me awakened from his slumber!

Over the years I have owned all the Krate bike several times over. Then I started selling them and buying "off brands" Really love the Huffy Slingshot, and owned many of those. My Hobby took over my life and became my business. Today I collect whatever I like, what catches my eye, or brings back memories! We only live this life one time, and gotta make it a good one.... you'll never get out alive! ☺

If buying bicycle parts keeps you off a bar stool and out of rehab then buy two! One to keep you out of trouble and the second for when you fall off the wagon! ☺☺☺

Our new Super Sport Steering Wheel video...

We BMX also! ☺

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Here is a cool short how to box a bicycle video!